Kristi Stone
A web site building company.
Founder, Kristi Stone has been building web sites since 1994.

Kristi's unique experience in retail, data processing, the corporate way, traditional creative, print production, procurement, product management, people management, internet site building and entrepreneurship puts any client in the winning seat. By enforcing a standard of mission analysis before any web site is designed, On-the-Net WEST can focus on building successful web sites.

Mission Accomplished!

Kristi originally started out in the early 1980s in retail. As a buyer for a multiple location clothing store, Wild Bills in Milford CT, Kristi quickly learned what it took to be profitable. Know your customers, merchandize for your customers, know what to sell to your customers, promote to your customers and spend wisely.

Data Operations and Development
In the mid 1980's opportunities arose in the data processing field. Working with Exxon Office Systems and Emery World Wide, Kristi worked her way from data operations to database administrations supporting over 100 programmers. The data operations and development field provided many opportunities to sharpen Kristi's problem solving, technical and organizational skills.

Creative Services
In 1986 Kristi entered into the world of traditional design and printing. Taking advantage of her love of and background in design, Kristi was offered an ownership position in a startup graphics software company, Inset Systems. As part of the executive team Kristi managed and directed a staff of freelance designers, illustrators and writers as well as the complete marcom process from concept to printing.

Her teams efforts to build the HiJaak brand-name through creative paid off in the first year. Revenue sky-rocketed.

Under Kristi's Management, her team of artists, illustrators and designers, created all the marketing communications, advertising, product packaging, tradeshows, documentation, corporate image standards and printing needs were developed. Implementation of an extensive bidding process for company wide purchase of goods lead to a significant reduction in the Cost of Goods, thus saving the company 100s of 1000s of dollars.

Product Design
As an integral part of the development of their graphics software, Kristi and her staff helped to build the graphics products they marketed. By using the products to enhance their graphics work, Kristi's group became a real world test bed. Useability and standards for interface design were created and tested by her group as well as was all product documentation.

Web Site Building
It was in late 1994 that Inset decided the Internet was the place for a Graphics Company to be. As one of the first companies to be on the net, Kristi's team of web designers had to learn it all the hard way. No tools, No advice. Only the school of hard knocks. Kristi's background in traditional graphics design mixed with the expertise learned from the HiJaak Graphics Product Line, created a winning site. It was quick, easy to navigate and drew 100s of visitors a day. (At a time when very few were surfing the net.)

In late 1995 Inset sold the HiJaak brand to Quarterdeck. This change sparked Kristi's entrepreneurial spirit. Her new quest would be to help build and grow the web.

After finding her partner Richard Roth, an industry GURU, they formed a Company called On-the-Net. Their mission was to come up with products and/or services to help grow the web. Using their vast experience with the problems plaguing the Internet, their first product or service was born 6 months later. The product is called i-Depth - i-Depth filled a need for most small to medium sized web site. It gave users instant functionality without needing to be a programmer. With simple HTML an i-Depth user can be up and running in minutes.

On-the-Net's master plan also includes a provision to stay in the technology. Constant industry monitoring gave birth to a second service for On-the-Net's web site builders. "theSPOT" is a site dedicated to helping web site builders build and grow their web sites. This ongoing research along with custom web site building, helps to keep the company in the technology and understand the needs of site builders of the future.

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