ABOUT the artist.... George Foster

Unique and Decorative Sealife Wall Art Lights and Sconces

Southern California talent, George Foster, recently went through a life altering transformation which took him from working-stiff to up-and-coming-artist. Creator of the copper sconces called Sealights, Foster was a general contractor who often spoiled his clients by far exceeding their expectation due to his penchant for refining and perfecting even the most ordinary task to masterpiece qualities - a drive for refinement and perfection came right out of Foster’s own pocket.

Foster’s metamorphosis into an artist was instigated by the challenge of earning a living as a contractor while fighting the urge to complete or begin another light sculpture. Christy Rojas, his lifetime partner, soon realized it would take more than evenings and weekends to keep Sealights in existence. So with much moral support and a desire to succeed Rojas opened the doors to Sealight Gallery firm in the knowledge that her task was to encourage and support the artist.

Rojas and Foster spend their days working on the same endeavor - Foster creating in his ocean side studio and Rojas at the gallery, marketing Sealights. Tucked away in a rustic but charming space with an ocean view, Sealight Gallery has found a home in the heart of Del Mar, CA.

“The title Artist hasn’t come without a price,“ says Foster, “but when I complete each light I feel compelled to stay on course.” Like most artists, Foster draws on the inspiration and motivation that comes with the completion of each handcrafted, sturdy and expressive piece. Formed into the shapes of fish, sand dollars, and shells, each Sealight takes at least a week from start to completion. Finished pieces range from one foot to eight feet in length, and are hand formed and impossible to duplicate.

Hammered copper, stains and finishes, mica, and glass are generally the materials used by Foster. Whether a Barracuda (often sold to attorneys), a Manta Ray, or a Wahoo, praise and admiration are also an important source of inspiration for Foster and Rojas as Sealights become more and more, coastal artistic landmarks.



Decorative Fish Light Sculptures by artist George Foster

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