Foster's private collection of Sealights number around twenty-five - they serve as prototypes for exhibits and gallery openings. This means every Sealight that goes out the door, is one-of-a kind, and designed to the customer's order.

When the customer chooses a Sealight piece, Foster will design it to be similar to what he has on display in his gallery. Another way for customers to decide, is by selecting from Fosters array of photographs of actual fish.

Generally speaking, Foster's clients have a vision of where the piece will be best displayed in their home, office or patio. With this in mind, the client determines the size of the finished acquisition and perhaps the colors. More often than not, however, the clients ask Foster to use his expertise in creating the ideal finish.

Once Foster presents the client with a quote for the piece, a deposit of half down is required to begin the process with the remaining due at completion. Pieces range in size and difficulty, and clients can count on at least two to six weeks, depending on Foster's work load, before the piece is ready for its new home.

Because the pieces are quite extraordinary, George Foster of Sealight Gallery, prefers to discuss the acquisition with his clients via a phone call or a face to face visit. Contact George today.


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