A portion of each sealight 
                  sold is allocated to the Stephen 
                  Birch Aquarium.

In our solar system, the earth is the only planet with
an appreciable supply of liquid water.
This rare gift is essential for life and, consequently,
as the only intelligent and conscious species, mankind should consider the protection of the water system - rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans -
as the first condition for survival.
This has unfortunately not been the case, and we have very
little time left to reverse the trend if we are to hand over a healthy earth to future generations.

Jacques Couseteau

Sealight Gallery believes its greater purpose is to use George Foster's expressive talents to bring the dynamic and fascinating beauty and vibrancy of the oceans and rivers to the observer. Sealights beckon a natural curiosity from the viewer that calls forth a conversation about preservation and awareness. With each Sealight a short description of the fish it represents is attached including whether the species is endangered or thriving.

A portion of each sealight sold is allocated to the Stephen Birch Aquarium to go towards their educational pursuits particularly around preservation. Sealight asks each new owner to name their acquisition so it can live on in a more intimate, playful and powerful way.

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