Sting Ray

Unique Sting Ray Wall Light

Stingrays are most abundant in Florida and the Bahamas. They are almost completely flat and at the end of their body is a long whip-like tail that contains one or more razor sharp serrated barbs. Their pectoral fins are mistakenly called wings. Its entire endoskeleton is made of cartilage. Females are larger than men, with a maximum width of six feet across.

copper and glass
  28 inches in diameter
Sting Ray SeaLight

The facts collected to describe each fish were pulled from various sources over the internet by Sealight Gallery's staff. Sealight wants to acknowledge that we did not write any of the material in regard to the descriptions, but we found the information collected fascinating. We hope that in reprinting it readers will be inspired by it to save and preserve the ocean and all of her glory.

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